Tiles, shingles, and any roofing materials are essential in keeping your house dry and away from rainwater, snow, and strong winds. Although roofing materials have long lifespans that can reach up to 30 – 50 years in the right conditions, they will still deteriorate as they age. Obviously, doing regular maintenance and cleaning can lengthen the lifespan of your roof.

best way to clean a tile roof

Having a dirty and damaged can be unsightly to visitors and passers-by. Moreover, this can lead to leaks in your roof, fungal growths, water damages, and several other problems. Cleaning your roof is paramount in keeping it in pristine condition while also exposing damages that need to be addressed.

But before we start cleaning our roof, we have to first weigh-in on the advantages of cleaning our roof and what are the appropriate materials to be used.

Cleaning Your Roof: Advantages

Regular maintenance and cleaning can be a chore for most people, but it is a necessity that homeowners have to do to lengthen the lifespan of their home.

Aesthetic Value

If you’re going to have visitors over, it’s best to clean your roof to give them a good impression of your home. Most of the time, visitors and passers-by notice your roof first since the eyes are drawn to the majority of the color scheme presented by the roof. This can also increase the monetary value of homes that owners are planning on selling.

Discover Damage Earlier

Prevention is better than having to spend exorbitant amounts of money on repairs and roof replacements. Discovering damages before they can become major threats to the foundations of your home can help you take the necessary measures in repairing your roof. Additionally, this can help lengthen your home’s expected lifespan.


Don’t you just want to see all of that dirt and grime come sliding off your roof? Cleaning in any way is therapeutic and can easily help lessen your stress.

Steps in Cleaning Your Roof

Power Washing

When using the pressure washer, spray off the dirt, grime, and debris that’s visible on your roof. If you see dead leaves, insects, and animals on your roof, you can use the power washer to blow them away. For best results, you can first work from the highest part of the roof down to the gutter systems. Once you’re done, it’s best to let your roof dry completely.

Treating with Chemicals

For the next step, set your pressure washer on a lower pressure and spray the appropriate cleaning solution on your roof. Let the cleaning solution soak in for a while or until it’s dry on your roof so that it can work its magic.

Rinsing off Chemicals and Water

This process will depend on the extent of the organic growths that you have on your roof. If there are more molds and mosses, then you’ll have to let your chemicals seep in longer. This process has to be done multiple times to remove dirt and stains. It’s recommended to spray from the ridge down towards the gutters.

Clearing Out the Gutters

Gutters are essential in keeping your roof in good condition in rainy weather. Gutters can easily get clogged up with debris when it’s left unchecked. Removing debris and checking for damages can help free up space on your gutters.

Buffing and Surveying

Buffing your roof and inspect for damages can help you plan for future repairs.

Appropriate Repairs

Once you have inspected the damages of your roof, it’s time to start replacing any missing tiles and shingles, fastening loose nails and screws, and resealing cracks and holes.

Resealing and Repainting

Once you are sure that your roof is now free from any damages and spotless, then you can proceed in re-applying sealants and repainting your roof with your preferred color for a brighter or darker finish. Painting can easily help conceal any repairs and modifications that you have made on your roof.

Overall, if you follow these steps carefully, then you won’t have any problems keeping your home in good condition. If you’re not up for the task, then you can always contact your professional roofing contractor to do all the heavy work for you. Of course, it’s best to consult your roofing specialist to give you the best quality in roofing Orlando FL maintenance.

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