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Commercial Systems in Roofing

Types of Commercial Roofing Systems

You can get great value for any investment whenever you make sure that your property is safe by using the recommended materials in roofing. There are some things that you need to be aware of whenever you are choosing a roof or working on making changes to the existing one. Even if a lot of people tend to focus on the price, you should also consider the other features which includes the roof’s lifespan, requirements in maintenance, and the area’s climate. It can eventually become possible for you to choose from a lot of types that the market offers so you can get the best one that suits everything you need in roofing.

It is essential to become aware of the types of roofing systems that are available whenever you have plans for the design of a new building. This also applies whenever you want to have your building’s roof changed. You must be able to become familiar with each of them including their three components which begins with the commercial systems in roofing that have a low slope.


Here are components that work on the enhancement of strength, stability, including the resistance of the membrane to puncture. These can also last for a long time.

Layers that are Watertight

This vital element works on blocking the entry of the water into the roofing system that could lead to damage and allow it to rot quite fast.


Here is a component that work on assisting the strengthening and defense of the watertight seal. It works on shielding the materials for roofing from weather and sunlight. This also has properties that reflect sunlight and enhances resistance to fire.

Systems that are Thermoplastic

There is an increase in the Thermoplastic roofing systems’ popularity mostly because of their durability. Durable materials are what thermoplastic systems are composed of and these have several properties that are greatly beneficial. It includes the resistance to chemical exposure, ozone, and ultraviolet lights. Thermoplastic systems in roofing also have a design that can last more than a couple of decades because they are capable of withstanding exposure to any harsh element and high temperatures. TPO and PVC are some of the thermoplastic systems that are most common.

Roofs that are Green

Even if there is a significant increase in the popularity of thermoplastic systems, the roof with the highest surge in popularity is the green roof. The significant increase is likely due to its numerous benefits which includes the following:

  • Minimization of the heat island urban effect
  • Conservation of energy
  • Reduction in air pollution and noise
  • Increase in the roof membranes’ longevity

Since there is a continuous upsurge when it comes to electrical bills, renewable energy is now widespread and highly preferred in the recent years. Lots of homeowners utilize these improvements so they can make sure that they have great structures in roofing which includes the Solar Panels that are Photovoltaic. Solar boards with PV can be in use to save money and energy. It mainly converts light into energy that can light up a home.

Modified Bitumen Systems

There are numerous remarkable improvements in the roofing industry that was able to transform asphalt. Because of these advances, there was the development of the Atactic polypropylene (APP) and Styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) that are now what people refer to as modifiers. Because they are now included, it has now become easy for the builders to take advantage of the improvement in old roofing structures made of asphalt. This allowed the installation of industrial roofs that have membranes that can perform better. This sector may continue to have various changes that could result in more innovative methods when it comes to the use of this technology.

BUR or Built-Up Roof System

The name BUR came from the built constructions of the base sheet. This is a roofing system that undergoes construction onsite from the ground up which includes built-up ballasted asphalt and cold or hot smooth built-up asphalt. Every type may have a general composition of three parts: one or more materials for surfacing, ply sheets, and bitumen material. The use of this kind of coating on the surface may become instrumental to its durability and cost.

Roofing System made of EPDM

The EPDM system in roofing is one of the roofing systems that is most straightforward as it has structures that are considered as superior when it comes to versatility and permanency. Aside from that, they have a lifespan that is longer compared to the others.

In case you would like to use Green Roofs, APP and SBS modifiers, Thermoplastic, EPDM, or BUR roofing, they can be great for commercial roofs. However, before deciding on what to use, you need to become aware of the difference between every system in roofing so you can identify the significant drawbacks and benefits that you may experience after you have them installed.

Your chosen kind of roof may provide a lot of contribution and give significant difference when it comes to investment and expenditures. Aside from that, there will surely be a difference when it comes to the price of repairs and maintenance. For building owners, it is vital to take the savings in cost over a number of years into consideration whenever you need to choose a roofing system. Moreover, you need to make sure that it works in decreasing the negative effects such as heat. Always make sure to have your investment and family well protected with the best material for roofing.

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