Metal roofs are gaining popularity in residential properties, especially in places with warmer weather like in Orlando. One of the reasons for this is that metal roofs are more durable in hotter weather. Other roofing materials deteriorate faster in hot weather. However, metal roofs are naturally reflective. Thus, sunlight and heat aren’t absorbed into the structure unlike other types of roofs where heat tends to enter the home.

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Advantages of Metal Roofing

Aside from being able to withstand hotter temperatures, metal roofing presents a myriad of advantages for its homeowners. For one, metal roofs are durable. Since roofs are often exposed to harsh conditions like snow, hale, strong winds, and direct heat, having a material that is strong enough to withstand Orlando FL weather conditions with minimal damage is a great benefit for a home or a commercial property.

On top of its better durability when compared to other roofing materials, metal roofs are also more fire-resistant. While many roofing materials typically dry out when exposed to the hot weather, and end up losing special layers that keep them fire resistant, metal roofs are made of a material with a very high melting point. Aluminum, zinc, steel, copper, and tin are able to withstand very hot temperatures without burning down. Sparks also do not cause any fires on a metal roof.

Another advantage of having a metal roof is that it has a low weight when compared to other materials. Thus, metal roofs put less strain on the underlying infrastructure. While the light weight of a metal roof might make it seem like it is unable to withstand strong winds, the installation of metal roofing structures rely on interlocking panels, seams, and screws which tightly hold down your roof. Thus, strong winds are usually unable to easily rip off a metal roof no matter how lightweight it may seem.

Metal roofs are also energy efficient roofing materials. Many residential homes with asphalt or wood roofing tend to have roofs that absorb heat. Because of this, home attics become very hot during the summer season and this continues on to the rest of the home. The hot weather from outside the home is brought inside through these types of roofs. Thus, those homeowners end up spending more to keep their homes cooler. On the other hand, metal roofs have a reflective property that minimizes heat absorption and keeps the inside of the house cool even during summer. 

Cost of Metal Roofing

When considering the many different advantages that you can get from metal roofing, it may seem like a definite choice when it comes to choosing the best type of roof for hot climates. However, while metal roofs are great, they can also be quite expensive. While you might expect to spend between $60-$120 per roofing square to get new asphalt shingles on your property, you are likely to spend a lot more to install a new metal roof. For a 100 square foot area, you can spend between $120-$900 for a metal roof. 

Heat on a Roof

When the summer time approaches, many homeowners become worried about the effects of the harsh heat on their homes. Roof temperatures also rise during this season. How hot your roof can be is determined by 2 main properties. The first is the ability of the metal roof to reflect light and heat back into the atmosphere. This is a property referred to as solar reflectance. The second property refers to how much heat a material rejects. This is also known as thermal emittance. 

While metal roofs may be a better option at keeping your home cooler, metal roofs also get hot on a hot day. However, the main advantage is that it has a lower rated thermal emittance than other types of roofs. While other roofs may have additional layers of insulation to prevent heat from coming in, metal roofs already have the innate property of rejecting heat. Thus, if you couple a metal roof with a few insulation layers, you have a very well sealed and cool home.

Should you change your roof to keep it cooler?

If you have an asphalt roof and you are looking to get a new roof installed, maybe considering a metal roof is a good option. However, before deciding on this, it’s important to take into account the structure and style of your home, as well as other factors such as neighborhood housing rules. In order to know whether getting a new metal roof is a viable option, reach out to your local roofing contractor for some professional advice.