Low Slope

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Low Slope Roof

Metal roofs with a low slope can provide years of minimal cost and maintenance.

This kind of roof is what industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings prefer for numerous years as they keep the building including its occupants and contents comfortable and dry. It allows the water to drain away from the surface of the roof and has the ability to provide protection against any of the elements.

Numerous architects and building owners have now appreciated and recognized the other wonderful attributes of metal roofs with a low slope. It includes wind resistance, light weight, minimal requirements in maintenance, recyclability, sustainability, long life of service, and minimal cost of the life cycle.

Structural roofs with a slope that is low is generally utilized on roof pitches with a range from 3:12 to ¼:12. It runs along the surface of the roof vertically and consists of panels that interlock which are commonly referred to as the standing seam roofing. These panels usually has a clear acrylic or painted mill finish. There are some metal roofs that are applied on low slopes that need machine seaming while it undergoes installation to make sure that the seal is watertight. The apparatus for seaming can simply roll along the panels so it can crimp together the panel seams.

The design of the standing seam can assure that snow and rain are drained adequately and effectively eliminate leaks, ponding of water, and other related problems that are often associated with roofs that are built-up. When it comes to retrofit projects, attached to the flat roof that exists is a system for sub-framing that can provide a minimum roof pitch of ¼:12.

Aside from that, metal roofs with a low slope may not be prone to degradation that organic materials often experience. Because of this, this kind of roof is capable of resisting the elements better and could lead to a minimal annual cost of operation and a life span that is longer.

Advantages of Low Slope Metal Roofs

Minimal Cost of the Roof’s Life Cycle

Due to the enhanced reliability and durability that these systems have, manufacturers of the low slope metal roof provide product warranties that last for two to four decades. Because of their minimal requirements in maintenance and long life, metal roofs have a highly attractive track of costs in its life cycle.

In the year 2005, Ducker International has confirmed this in their study about low slope roofs. According to the people who responded to the study, the people expected that the metal roof’s life cycle cost which includes the maintenance outlays may be around 30 cents for every square foot annually. This is so much less compared to what they expected for single-ply and built-up roofs which is at 47 cents on the average.

In comparison to single-ply roofs and built-up roofing, metal roofs also have an expected service life that is significantly longer. People expect metal roofs to last for four decades which is two decades longer compared to the single-ply system and 17 years longer in comparison to the built-up system.

Metal roofs with a low slope does not just provide contribution to the bottom line. It can also be a contributor to the LEED credits that are awarded to buildings that utilize “green” materials in construction and content which high recycled. It is typical for metal roofs to have a low slope that includes 25% of minimum content that is recycled. When it reaches the end of long usable life, it can be fully recyclable.

Moreover, cool metal roofs can be significant in the reduction of the energy use of a building in the long term. With the use of metal coatings that deflect heat, the cost of energy may be minimized by around 40%.

Less Demands on the Structure

Oftentimes, metal roof systems with a low slope can vary in terms of weight. It can be at a minimum of 40 pounds to a maximum of 135 pounds for every 100 square feet. Because of this, metal roofs are the roofing products that are easiest to install and lightest. Having a roofing system which is lightweight can also lessen the demands on the building’s structural system of support which should be highly considered whenever your home is in an earthquake-prone zone.

Metal roofs with a low slope are not similar to non-metal systems that need an underlying deck or substrate that may get directly applied over purlins or bar joists. Since metal roof panels have active fastening or interlocking systems, their design can effectively meet what ASTM UL 1897, UL 580, E1592, and other severe uplift and wind tests.

There are various materials that metal roofing products are made of that comes in a wide array of profiles, textures, and colors. In order to make sure that it has a long life, almost every roof material with a low slope needs to have protection from the elements with the use of metallic coatings that are highly durable and can perform effectively.

Despite the fact that the use of metal to provide the needed protection of a building began centuries in the past, people can still apply this concept nowadays. If your goal is to have a roof that has a lot of years of performance that is free of problems, minimal maintenance, low-cost, and provides an approach that is responsible to the environment, it is highly recommended to have low slope metal roofs.

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