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Metal Roofing

Energy Efficiency of Metal Roofs

According to studies from the industry, metal roofs are capable of reflecting solar radiant heat and can minimize the need for cooling by approximately 10 to 25%. Whenever your home is located in a place that has a climate wherein cooling costs can be higher compared to the heating cost, it is recommended to have the metal roof coated with granular or shiny coating so that the energy savings are improved and the roof’s reflective capacity is maximized.

Ability of Metal Roofs to Work on Roofs That Have Low Slopes

People often believe that roofs made of metal are only suitable for roofs that have a steep slope. However, the use of metal standing-seam roofs can work well on roofs that are gently-pitched. This kind of roofing may get installed in large seats that have raised seams and sealed together tightly so it can resist water. Even if it is necessary to have some slope to make sure that water runs off, a lot of homes can be great with metal roofs.

Destruction of Metal Roofs Because of Severe Hail

Even if people consider metal roofs to be free of maintenance and more durable compared to other kinds of roofing such as the asphalt shingles, they are still not indestructible. Metal roofs, particularly the ones made of copper and aluminum, can be susceptible to dents whenever there are hailstones that have the size of a golf ball. Whenever this occurs, steel can perform better because it is harder. In case you reside in a place wherein hail that is catastrophic often occurs, make sure to be aware of this whenever you are considering to use metal on the roof. If hail is dime or pea-sized, it may not be an issue. However, whenever the hailstones are bigger than this, they can end up destroying the metal roof. Because of this, it would be good to have homeowner’s insurance that can cover damages from storm.

A Professional is Required in the Repair and Installation of Metal Roofs

People who prefer to do things on their own may be able to repair and install metal roofs. However, doing this is not advised generally. Metal roofs should be generally only available through selected retailers because specialized skills are required for its repair and installation. In case you want to go for metal roofing, you may definitely seek for assistance from a specialist whenever problems happen. It is fortunate that these problems can be rare when it comes to metal roofs.

Obvious Ridge Vents

On a lot of the homes nowadays, having a ridge vent that continuously runs across the roof’s peak provides venting for the attic. On a roof that is shingled, the CRV or continuous ridge vent is a strip of material similar to shingle that runs through the whole length of the house’s roof that masks the outflow holes that are found on the ridge’s sides. It may be likely that you saw this numerous times, but you may have never noticed this since the CRV often lies so flat and can perfectly blend with the roof that surrounds it.

When it comes to a lot of metal roofs, particularly the roofs with a standing-seam, the CRV is made of metal and can further stand out so it can be so much more noticeable. Metal roofs have these inherent thick and prominent ridges or lines that can definitely increase their distinctive appearance.

Recyclable Metal Roofs

Even if metal roofs can last for a very long time, there may come a time when you need to have it replaced. You can have the old metal recycled at any outlet for recycling. On the other hand, old asphalt roofs usually end up taking a lot of space at any landfill.

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