Your new roof may look amazing on your home. And while you are deliberating whether to call all your friends to come and visit so you can show off your newest home renovation, you might also be wondering whether that smell is going to last long. 

Getting a new roof in Orlando FL is an arduous process. You’ve probably just endured days or weeks of constant construction noises and the sound of hammers nailing down your new shingles early in the morning. While it may not have been a pleasant experience, your new roof is likely to be a sight to behold. The new shingles look flawless and your home looks brand new. You might even be motivated enough to do some spring cleaning and get everything inside your home looking as fancy as the outside. However, many homeowners getting a new roof got caught up with one of the problems  – the smell.

Pic of How Long Does New Roof Smell Last

New Roof Smell

If you had new asphalt roof shingles set, then the smell is probably something ashy. New asphalt shingles can give off a tar-like smell that for some comes off as being very strong and irritating. This smell is because of the sealants on the asphalt shingles that naturally melt and set the shingles in place. Basically, when you have new shingles installed, the sun cooks them to really get them to set onto your roof. During this process, the gas comes into the attic space and the smell spreads into your home.

Asphalt shingles have a layer of tar. Unfortunately, tar has a very pungent odor. While some people aren’t as sensitive to the smell, there are others who can easily detect the odor. You’ll likely notice that the smell gets stronger when the weather is hotter. While the smell can typically last between a few weeks to even months, you can hasten the process by putting in better ventilation in your attic or use turbine vents to push the smell out of your home. Unfortunately, the new smell is something that you’ll have to endure for a while. And although you can make the smell go away faster by adding in better ventilation measures, you’ll likely have a faint smell even after a few weeks.

How to Make your Home Smell Better?

The smell of tar is going to waft around your property for a while. Better ventilation can help clear out most of it but until the new roof sets in completely, then you have minimal escape, other than leaving your home. Hence, putting in the extra effort to combat the odor with more delightful fragrances may help you cope.

Add Essential Oils to Air Filter

Adding a few drops of an essential oil of your choice into your air filter is one way of getting your house to smell fresh. Using your HVAC system to cool your home is one thing but taking advantage of the air system to spread around a fresh smell is something that not many people think to do. Some of the best scents to combat that tar smell are lemon, lavender, clove, and mint. Additionally, these smells also make your home more relaxing.

Simmer Potpourri on the Stove

Potpourri is a mix of dried and fragrant plants. Many people place potpourri into small bowls to let off a gentle scent in the home. However, simmering some potpourri on the stove is one way to really bring out the beautiful natural smell of these plants. You can even mix together different types of potpourri to get interesting new smells.

Clean your Garbage Disposal

Your home is already suffering from the foul smell of your new roof. A full garbage disposal only adds more to the odor. Simply making sure that it is cleared out every night will prevent any smells from spreading.

Sprinkle Baking Soda on Carpets

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer. Putting a dash of baking soda around your home and even in your attic can help absorb some of the pungent tar odor. This is also a great way to make sure your carpets smell fresh.

Add an Air Freshener to your Air Vent

The air fresheners that you use in your car can also be used at home. By simply clippin an air freshener onto one of your air vents, you are able to utilize the natural air coming in while minimizing the odors that enter with it.

Decorate with Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus leaves are beautiful home plants. Not only are they easy to maintain and pretty to look at, they also give off a pleasant smell that can waft around your home. The plant also has a natural deodorizing property.