Throughout most of the century, skylights have been an important part of any roof and house design. Being able to let natural lighting inside your home where light would usually be dim can help save on energy costs and can easily highlight some features of your home. Moreover, this can also add monetary value to your home and make it more aesthetically pleasing to visitors and passers-by. 

replace skylights with new roof

A roof, just like every other roofing material in the market, will eventually deteriorate and you’ll need to eventually replace your new roof. If ever you have skylights installed in your older roof, then contractors have to take an extra amount of care in keeping your skylights in pristine condition while making the replacements.

But before we can make any final decisions on whether we should be replacing our skylights when we’re installing a new roof, we have to first weigh-in on the different factors that can affect our skylights and roofing materials. 

Is it Necessary to Replace Skylights?

In most situations that they find themselves in, professional roofing specialists will suggest that you replace your skylights while you’re also replacing your roof. Even if you don’t agree to it, it’s still a necessity that has to be done since this can inadvertently lead to problems if left unchecked. Roof leaks can be a major problem on roofs were old skylights are still installed. 

Skylights Survivability and Roof Replacements

Skylights are one of the more fragile roofing materials and there is a chance that they’ll break when they’re removed from the roof. However, there’s also a chance that they’ll survive the whole replacement process. If they are not designed to be opened, is less than 10 years old, and is manufactured from a well-known and trusted manufacturer, or is installed in a new home, then you won’t have to worry about your roof leaking. 

Of course, it’s always a good practice to inspect your skylights right after the replacement process so the quality can be assessed. Having a professional roofing specialist can help expedite this process and give you a more extensive summary of your roof. 

Skylights and Roof Replacement Problems

In all honesty, there’s no perfect condition where your roof and skylights are completely safe from the elements of nature. Encountering problems from both natural and man-made circumstances are part of the replacement process and it’s best to just be patient. Sooner or later, your new roofing and skylights will be the star of your new home. 

Tearing off your roof can compromise the integrity of the main and supporting structures of your underlayment. When working on new roofs, even experienced roofing specialists arent always capable of avoiding the possible disruption of skylight fixtures. 

There are a number of weak points on a skylight structure that can easily be damaged when people accidentally disrupt the fixture while working on other roofing structures. These weak points can allow moisture inside your interiors and will cause the formation of molds and mildews. One method that is known to help is the addition of caulking and flashing. However, if the skylights are already compromised, it’s best to replace it instead. 

Factors to Consider


Replacing your skylights is more convenient than having to carefully take off your older ones. However, homeowners have to be aware that contractors would charge you twice for replacing your skylights separately from replacing your roof. 

Risk vs. Reward

Reflashing and mounting your skylights will cost you around $200 – $600 for the labor costs while having to replace your skylights will be around $800 to $1500. The cost will also depend on the type and the quality of your skylights. Sure, these might be expensive, but if you’re planning on saving up money, then it’s best to think in the long-term. 

Seal Failure

If you’re leaving your skylights just the way it is right after installing a new roof, then there’s a chance that condensation can occur and in the process, you’ll have to replace the same materials again which means that you’ll have pay twice. It’s best to use new skylights instead.  

Ultimately, the perfect condition for replacing skylights and new roofs will never exist and there will always be a condition in the environment and certain weather occurrences that are at odds with your skylights and roof. Although it’s easier to install skylights and a new roof under good sunny weather when the humidity is at an all-time low and when the wind is calm, this might not always be a viable option. 

The important thing to consider is that you have a good roofing specialist to cater to your roofing Orlando FL needs.  

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