Revolution Contractors is a General Contractor which is a BBB rating of A+. Our company is among the best solar and roofing contracting companies that is operated and owned by Taylor Hilliard and Kris Sampson. We began as two separate companies which are Solar Revolution and Roofing Revolution. Our companies eventually merged into one to provide the best quality solar and roofing systems all over Florida. We have provided highly recommended services, installation, management, and sales in the Central Florida region and we are considered as one of the highly reputable roofing and solar contractors in Central Florida.

Residential Roofing

The proper installation and maintenance of a residential roof can be one of the homeowners’ best investments. We are proven to be experts in residential roofing especially when it comes to every kind of asphalt roofing shingles. Having shingles can increase the value of any home through the enhancement of their structural integrity and appearance at a price that is highly cost effective. Being a well-experienced contractor in roofing, we are well equipped and have a diverse set of skills that can serve customers that prefer to use alternative systems in roofing like metal. Entrusting us with the job will allow you to have just one source of support and services that can cover all of your residential requirements in roofing.

Here is a list of the services that our company provides:

Cost-effective and highly efficient installation of a roof for new construction

We have well-trained professionals in roofing that can make sure that the installation is on track and within the budget. Aside from this, we always aim to comply with the requirements in zoning, standards for safety, and building codes.

Free estimate and inspection 

After a thorough assessment of the existing roof’s condition, we recommend the replacement and repair strategy that can fit your home including your budget. Since our company is capable of providing a variety of options that can fund the recommended needs in roofing as well as the ability to provide financing with minimal interest, we can eventually guarantee that we are capable of providing aid so that your roofing plans can become a reality. We can provide the needed assistance in replacement claims for insurance to minimize the cost.

High-Performing and Durable System for Roofing

We have a wonderful track record as a roofing contractor that is respected and highly qualified so you wouldn’t have to worry whenever you need to undertake the tiring process of getting a new system for roofing. We have well knowledgeable employees that can provide advice when it comes to the best practices of the industry for flashings, nailing, including the underlayment, issues in the structure, requirements in ventilation, as well as the other vital aspects of the installation that can guarantee that your home will be reliable and safe for a long time and also increase your home’s value.

Helpful and Knowledgeable Project Manager

Our project manager can make sure that you are updated about the progress of the job and that person will be there in the whole process of installation to make sure that the project will get completed with the best quality.

Expert and Timely Repair and Maintenance

In case you will need an ongoing monitoring of the damage related to weather and wear and tear or an emergency repair, we are dedicated to take care of your roof so you can maximize the return on your investment in home improvement.

Increase in the Appeal of the Curb  

Since it can be available in a wide array of styles, textures, and hues, using asphalt shingles provide a practical approach so you can achieve your desired outcome. Nowadays, there are formulations that are advanced to reproduce the striking and high-end appearance of cedar shakes, tile, or slate while you outperform these materials for just a fraction of the expenses. Whatever look you want to have, we are committed to provide the high-quality craftsmanship so you can capitalize on the wonderfully designed asphalt shingles’ full potential, increase the value, and add to the lasting beauty of the residential real estate in your community.

Revolution Contractors provides high-quality solar and roofing solutions for Central Florida residents and businesses. Our company is dedicated to provide excellent service to every customer. We have a team of professional and skilled roofers that can provide high-quality solar and roofing solutions for Central Florida residents and businesses. Whenever you are in need of assistance in roofing and solar panels, contact us.