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Shingle Roof

Whenever you want to make preparations for the improvement of your home, it would be better to start from the top which is the roof of the home. That is because the roof is the home’s initial line of defense against any elements so it is recommended to become attentive to its condition.

Whenever you see that there are signs that it is wearing down, it may be time to consider the complete replacement of the roof before the occurrence of a leak as this can lead to more damage. You may also have the home’s roof replaced so you can increase the property’s aesthetic appeal to the curb.

However, what are the kind of shingles that you need to use whenever you have to replace your roof? It would be ideal to choose an asphalt shingle as it is durable and can get customizes according toy your preferences. Here is a list of reasons why you should consider the use of asphalt roof tiles on your next project in renovation:

Cost that is Affordable

Cost is often considered whenever you need to decide on your budget for renovating the home. Asphalt shingles have a national average of $80 to $100 for every 100 square foot. Because of this, it is a choice that is more cost-efficient compared to the other materials like cedar or metal shingles as they can be more than $160 for the same size.

It can be possible to repair and asphalt roof for a cost that is relatively low during the new roof’s lifespan. Whenever you have a metal roof, you will need to have the whole sheet replaced instead of the individual tiles.

A Size Can Fit All

Whatever the roof’s shape is, you may utilize asphalt shingles to cover everything including the harder angles and contours. It can also be easier to have the installed compared to the other kinds of roofing solutions. Because of this, you can immediately have a new roof whenever you hire a crew that is well-trained and experienced.

Numerous Choices in Design

Every time you consider shingled roofs, you may think that they only have the standard brown or beige hues. However, the available colors are not limited to those in case you desire to make a statement that is bolder with your roof.

Whenever you have the option to choose the color of the shingle, it can be possible to have it matched with the existing decor in the exterior so you can have an appearance that is more uniform.

Other than the color, you may also choose asphalt shingles that have a design that makes it appear similar to cedar or slate shingles at a more affordable price.

Great Durability

Having an asphalt shingle roof that is installed properly can last for more than two decades. Shingles made of fiberglass is great whenever you are located in the southern part of the country as it can be resilient to fire and moisture. Having an asphalt shingle roof that is installed properly can also help in providing protection against any windstorm. Moreover, asphalt shingles are capable of withstanding algae so much more compared to the other types of roofs. Just make sure to check the warranty whenever you get new shingles. A lot of them may carry protection from the installer or manufacturer.

Resistance to Impact

Even if there are asphalt shingles that are older which can be vulnerable to impact, there are new kinds of asphalt shingles that are created to become highly resistant. It would depend on the rating for resistance but it can be well protected against numerous hazards such as hail and falling limbs of trees.

Considerations for the Environment

Whenever you choose an asphalt roof, it would not get disposed in a landfill when you need to have it replaced. The reason for this is that asphalt is a material that is recyclable. It may eventually be in use as an additive to the roads or any other product.

Even if roof tiles made of asphalt may get recycled, a lot of the shingles that are sold in the market also came from recycled plastic and rubber. Asphalt cannot break down every time it gets recycled like the other materials.

Efficiency in Energy

There has been a long way that asphalt shingles have come when energy efficiency is involved. The roof tiles are energy efficient because of the heat that they reflect in order to allow the home to become cooler.

Always remember that the selection of a tile with a darker color can make it absorb additional heat. You may eventually need 40% more energy to make a home cool whenever the roof is dark. In case you want to choose asphalt shingles, it is recommended to select a shade that is lighter to make sure that it is energy efficient.

Value for Resale

Your home’s value will increase whenever you install a brand new asphalt roof. It can be near 70% of your investment. It is vital to consider this as a lot of people are familiar with shingled roofs.

Dampening of Sound

Whenever you get an asphalt shingle of high quality, it can help minimize the noise from the outside. Whenever your neighbor is fond of blasting rock ballads during nighttime, we recommend the installation of asphalt shingle roofs. That is because the noise pollution is so much less in your home after it gets installed.

Highly Recommended Roof

Even if metal roofs can last so much longer compared to the asphalt shingles, its maintenance can be easier and more affordable compared to the metal roof. In terms of the style, color, value for money, maintenance, and durability, the asphalt shingle roof is highly recommended. Moreover, it can be possible to have this roof installed immediately so you and your family will be more convenient during its construction.

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