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Tile Roof

The use of tile on the roof is a bit common in certain areas of the United States. However, there are a lot of regions where people can sparsely see its distinctive look. Yet, tile roofs are practically a part of the landscape in the Southwest that it gave the area a look that is identifiable and unique. Compared to the asphalt shingle, tile roofs have a higher initial cost for installation compared to wood shake, asphalt shingle, and metal roofs. Despite that, they can last so much longer. It may depend on the quality of the tile roof but they can last for five to seven decades or more. Whenever you compare the tile roof’s longevity to asphalt shingles, investing in tile can definitely be more beneficial in the long run.

The Tile Roof and Its Characteristics

Since traditional tile roofs made of clay can be really heavy, there are times when they need additional structural reinforcement compared to the other materials for roofing. Yet, there are now lightweight versions of tiles that may be in use in a lot of structures without the need for added reinforcement.

Even if a lot of homeowners would like to have the appearance of traditional Mediterranean and Spanish styles, tile roofs can also be available in replications that appear exactly like slate, wood shingle, and slate. People can find this in a wide array of hues that can range from the peaceful ocean blue, driftwood grey, and moss green to the famous adobe red.

The Tile Roof’s Benefits

Tile roofs provide a life expectancy that is incredibly long and a wonderful aesthetic appeal. Aside from these, it provides some other benefits compared to the one that is less costly. To begin with, tile roofs are capable of performing well even if the conditions are harsh compared to other materials in roofing. These can effectively resist the damage that weather extremes such as hurricanes and earthquakes may cause so much better compared to a lot of the other options. Aside from that, it carries the rating class-A and is also fireproof.

The tile roof can also be a wonderful insulator and it aids in keeping the homes cool whenever it is summer and warm during winter. There is a wide assortment of accessories for the tile roofs that include apexes, hip starters, bird stops, and cloaked attic vents. Aside from these, tile is also uniquely capable of complementing and accenting the finish or color of the exterior of practically any building or home.

Aside from the tile roof’s highly attractive outward appearance, it also provides the structure with an air of quality that can be really appealing to any prospective buyer. In combination with a wide range of finishes and styles, the tile roof can not just add beauty to the structure but also increase its value for resale.

The Tile Roof’s Drawbacks

It can be obvious that the most significant drawback of tile roofs is their initial cost of installation. Compared to the basic metal roofs and asphalt shingles, the price of the installation of tile roofs can be several times higher. However, they have a price that is similar to slate roofing as it is the only other type of material that is capable of surpassing or holding up as long as the tile’s life expectancy. Aside from that, tile roofs as well as slate roofs are not just heavy but also brittle. They may not just need additional reinforcement structurally for installation. Moreover, whenever a problem occurs, it may be hard to work on them as the individual tiles may break because of the worker’s weight.

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